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Machu Picchu – Una Maravilla del Mundo!

Machu Picchu

Although my focus this trip was Bolivia, I couldn’t come all the way to South America, be a stone’s throw away from one of the wonders of the world (“stone’s throw” in this case means a ten hour bus ride) and not visit it.  So I took a 5 day detour to discover the rich, diverse…

The Birthplace of the Incas – Lake Titicaca


Thank goodness for antibiotics.  I am not sure what *insert name of ancient Bolivian indigenous leader conquered by the Spanish here* revenge I acquired in Uyuni, but it went dormant only to wage a second, more comprehensive, assault on my body just in time for my flight back to La Paz and subsequent 3 hour bus ride to…

Sunsets, Flamingos and “The Golag”…Exploring Salar de Uyuni and Southwest Bolivia!

Salar de Uyuni

There is no place like the Uyuni Salt Flats.  Expanding over 4,000 square miles wide and at an altitude of 11,995 ft, they are a natural marvel that is unparalleled…and at sunset their majesty is magnified (the pictures are coming, don’t worry!). But before setting out on a 3 day/2 night tour of the salt…