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The World’s Most Dangerous Road aka “Death Road”

The World's Most Dangerous Road

I am currently in a little rural town in Bolivia’s Yungas Valley called Coroico.  I have come here to nurse my aching bum, sore forearms and stiff fingers after yesterday’s incredibly jolting, albeit successful, descent down “The World’s Most Dangerous Road.” My chosen place to rehab is a bit outside of town, but I am…

La Paz, Bolivia – Bizarre and Wonderful

Cholitas in La Paz

La Paz! I have been here now for a little over 24 hours, and I can’t help but be captured by how interesting, albeit a bit bizarre, this Bolivian capital is. On my flight out of Miami I worked myself into such a frenzy about altitude sickness, or “soroche” – I am over 12,000 feet…

Bolivia Bound

Lake Titicaca Bolivia

In 18 days I will be headed to South America for the first time (I can cross off #5 of 7 continents after that, baby!).  *Cue Applause Track* The majority of my 3.5 week visit will be in Bolivia, but I also have a side trip planned to visit the fabled Machu Picchu in Peru. Those famous Inca ruins…